Getting Past the Fear of Public Speaking
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Getting Past the Fear of Public Speaking

The only way you will ever get past the fear of public speaking is to speak in public. Yikes! …you may shout in your subconscious mind. But wait, it’s not that horrible. Public speaking is used all the time in business by branding your products, company name, and networking to increase your income. There are ways to ease your body, mind, and mouth into speaking in front of people through an almost subliminal process.
The key steps of this process involve preparation, practise, and presence.
Step #1 Preparation:

  • Start with a simple topic about something you already know, such as, how to brush your teeth; wash your car; train your dog; bar-be-que a steak; or anything else. Then organize what you think are the three main things a person must know or do about the topic you’ve chosen.

  • Stand up and imagine that you are showing and explaining to your child, your spouse, or a friend your steps; then begin to speak aloud on how to do it.

  • Repeat this again a few times, being sure that you have included the three main points, and also, add in any extra detail or special technique that you know from experience. Remember, this is just doing it out loud with no one listening.

Step #2 Practice: 

  • Go find your friend, spouse, or child; or if they’re not available, your dog, to practise your speech in front of a listener. Repeat it again, but this time put some enthusiasm into it.

  • Next, when you get to work or visit friends or relatives, be sure to immediately tell them that you’ve discovered an excellent way to do “your thing,” then go right into your speech. At this stage, it’s important that you speak to a few people and not just one person; but it doesn’t matter if someone leaves or ignores you.  Just remember that you are giving the listeners the best secret of their lives from you, the expert.

  • You can even answer questions at the end, if you want to give them more tips.

Step #3 is Presence: 

  • Finally, invite a group to join you in larger room at home or at work, to demonstrate and speak about your topic of interest.

  • Bring any props if you need to use them in your demonstration, such as, a tennis racket, or bar-be-que flipper, or a cleaning rag, dependent on what your topic is.

  • Do a quick vocal warm-up such as repeating a tongue twister to loosen your lips, teeth, and tongue. Take three deep diaphragmatic breaths to relax you completely.

  • You can create presence by speaking to the group with energy and passion about the very thing that you are clearly interested in.  Look at each person in your audience during your speech, to keep them involved personally. Use your vocal inflection and pause to give variety and emphasis while speaking.

  • Put a smile into your talk and be sure to thank them at the end, as you leave them with your most valuable tips.

The real benefit of the above process is that you can duplicate this process on any advance topic which is thrown at you at work to present information on a product launch, or a new process, or to visiting delegates on what your company does. Simply research your information that you don’t know, and find the three key points that the listener can take away with them when you’re finished. Practise several times the speech that you have organized; then deliver your speech with enthusiasm and a positive attitude.
Remember to take all opportunities to speak while networking or just chilling out.   Your fear of speaking is solved by being prepared, and by practising. Hence, you will find yourself not only overcoming the fear of public speaking; but also, looking forward to the next one to present.
Did you find this blog helpful? Please leave your comments below. Brenda C. Smith is a personal Speech and Drama coach who helps entrepreneurs, professionals, coaches with oral presentations and communication training. Brenda is the author of "Ten Steps to Unlocking Your Voice: a Supercharge Method to Power and Profit" , and she will help you with her easy-to-follow systems to get confidence and presence to make you a successful speaker.