Self-Critique With Video Feedback
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Self-Critique With Video Feedback

If you don’t have a speech coach to help you critique your speech, presentation,or performance, then record yourself with video so you can self-critique. This is a worthwhile tool that most speech coaches use to reinforce the process of speech improvement with before and after samples of your work. The coach is an observer of your performance through the audience’s eyes and can suggest ways to change or enhance both the little things, and the key things. However, you could do a self-critique; but be sure to analyze the essential areas of your speech skills, voice sound, body language, and your presence. Here is a great checklist to give yourself a start and a sense of how you might be received. Score each item out 3 (1-needs work; 2-ok needs improvement; 3-great, only needs a warm-up); and determine what your level is and where you may need improvement.
1.     Speech:
__clarity of speech (beginnings & endings of word, no slurring)
__correct pronunciation of all words and phoneme sounds
__loudness of speech (heard by everyone without shouting)
2.     Voice Sound:
__full tone (no nasality, no hoarseness)
__optimal pitch level
__variety  with appropriate inflection (no monotone)
__emphasis where  needed
__pace (not too fast, not too slow)
3.      Body Language:
__posture(standing, alignment up straight but not stiff); appropriate clothing
__facial expression (smile, pleasant, welcoming, dramatic when needed)
__hands, arms (not fidgeting, no hands in pockets, no distractions –playing with hair, scratching)
__eye contact with audience
__stage movement that is not distracting
4.      Presence:
__energetic and dramatic  use of pause
__style of tone: (conversational,expert, humorous); or (too aggressive, too tired, too boring)
__content valuable and organized to fit an expert presenter
__drama/actor’s method of creating authenticity and inspiration
__overall flow, rhythm, and effect
You may have to play your video several times to focus on several areas independently. If you discover one or more areas that you cannot immediately make the appropriate adjustment; then see a Speech Coach who specializes in drama and performance,or presentation skills to give you the solutions, plus work with you over a period of time to make the necessary adjustments. It is the coach who will notice the things needing improvement that you take for granted, or don’t know that you are doing them. After all, your audience will be affected by your performance, and this is your business and profession