3 Audience Wake-up Steps Using Your Power Point Presentations
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3 Audience Wake-up Steps Using Your Power Point Presentations

Presenters using Power Point need to realize that this is a performance, and definitely not just some slide show.The solution is to keep your audience entertained and informed so they leave with vital content and are entertained.  Today, since Power Point presentations have become the norm, you need to distinguish your show. I’ve noticed a need for some of my professional clients who have gone back to school requires them to do a power point presentation.Three simple steps will add punch to wake-up your listener!
3 Wake-up Steps:                                     
1.  Organize and Know your Content:
You need to have your content organized clearly and learn it. A successful blueprint to follow consists of three main points that you want your listener to gain. Under each of these three main points you must have a story, or data to provide examples and evidence. Your examples must connect to the listener because this will keep them awake.
Once you’ve got the meat of the content done; then create a dynamic opening using a question or a game. This is their alarm clock beeping them to wake-up. You need to tease the listener with key tips that you are about to tell them.
The end of your content must not be ignored because the listener will drift off. Recharge your three points so your audience still wants more. Do this by including a quotation, a closing exercise, or an excited possibility.
Subsequently, learn your content so you sound confident and organized. How do you learn this? Ask yourself: What are my 3 main points? Be able to answer this without any hesitation. Thenrelate your examples using the same template. Learn one point and those examples; then, repeat the process with the other two points. 
 2.  Rehearse, Rehearse, and Rehearse:
Rehearse by speaking it out loud! Nothing is more effective than this. Do not memorize every word, it is better to rehearse in a passionate way so your audience will not fall asleep.
The order of rehearsal is to start in small chunks. Here's an effective path: 
  • Main content: ask and answer with examples - What are my 3 main points?
  • Opening: infuse the listener with anticipation so he wants to stay awake.
  • Closing: use the same zeal that you started with to come across as genuine.
  • Entire content as one presentation: get feedback on any visual distractions such as, shifting from foot to foot, excessive arm movements, or other body gestures.Check for your facial expressions and eye contact being inviting and inclusive.Check for any vocal distractions: um,like, ah, coughs, etc.
  • Technical rehearsal: rehearse the entire presentation with your power point equipment. This is crucial!
3.  Warm-up your voice:
The final step is a must “to do” for voice power. Warm-up with a few arm and leg stretches; release tension in the neck; loosen facial muscles and jaw; and say a tongue twister. Take three deep breaths with the diaphragm, located below your rib cage. Repeat your opening lines.
Now you are geared up to keep your audience awake as you juggle from point to screen to point again – no more bored expressions, just excitement and applause!