Benefits of Voice Power Training
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Benefits of Voice Power Training

Your voice is really your personal and professional business card. The benefits of voice power go beyond knowing what it is you want to communicate; it goes to the level of HOW to orally execute your message in the most effective way. This includes having specific training in oral skills through a process from preparation, to effective presence, and finally to an awesome
There are four keys that you need in order to unlock your Voice Power:  Breath, Resonation, Enunciation, and Expressive Delivery. These keys will open the passage to giving you specific vocal power benefits.
No. 1 Key is Breath Power:  In your preparation process you can easily unlock your breathing potential by using the diaphragm, just like swimmers,actors, and singers do. This will give you the maximum effect of how much air to use, and how much to control or to conserve for later, with a minimum of effort.  
Also, your diaphragmatic techniques for breathing will give you the benefit of being able to relax and avoid nervousness immediately. Relaxation is the foundation to Voice Power – for you need a balance of physical relaxation and mental relaxation as preparation to achieving your best vocal power. In addition, diaphragmatic breathing techniques allow you to project your voice to the listeners in the back of the room and to manifest energy. It pumps the air out in the direction and distance where you want it to land, without shouting, yelling, or any other means of torturing your vocal folds; it simply projects the sound to the inner core of the listener.
No. 2 Key is Resonation Power:  Learn how to find your true tone or sound,resonating from within your chest; not simply in your neck, throat, or mouth areas to produce your best tonal quality- a warm, rich, resonant and relaxed sound. Warm-up exercises will greatly help develop your best tonal and pitch expression. Did you know that your voice improves as you age just like a good bottle of wine? 
No. 3  Key is Enunciation Power:  Your message must be heard and understood clearly. Good pronunciation will boost your presentation or speech immensely. A person with Voice Power needs to take the time to exercise the speech muscles: the tongue, lips, teeth, upper palate, and jaw- so there is never any miscommunication. Warm-up your articulators with a few tongue twisters for the beginning and end consonants of the words to be distinctly heard.  If you have a regional accent that clouds the clarity of your speech, practise your vowel sounds to fit universal standard English pronunciation.  Mumbling and speaking too quickly will definitely make your message messy – so slow down and group your thoughts into chunks, so the listener will understand.
No. 4 Key is Delivery Power:  The final key is how you deliver your message to create presence in your performance. Knowing how to adjust pace, utilize pause, and “colour” your words through your voice in order to paint the picture for the listener will benefit your total voice power package. Use inflection, which is the rise and fall of your voice, and emphasis on key words to bring about variety of expression.  Add passion, authenticity, energy, and focus of your story. Part of Voice Power training will transfer skills from the actor’s training so the listener enters into the world of your story, the characters, and emotion. This is where presence is created.
With preparation of vocal techniques and the practice of your emotional impact, you will empower your presence and evolve into an amazing speaker to advance your personal and business expertise and success.
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