Three Easy Ways to Supercharge Your Training Presentations
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Three Easy Ways to Supercharge Your Training Presentations

Getting started at a meeting or presentation with a large group can sometimes be a challenge to most leaders.The concern is how to start off in a positive, energetic, and focussed way.Certainly you do not want to be waiting to get things going, and you do want the participants to pay attention to your message.
Here are three of the best physical starters to energize your group:
1.  Tell your group that you are conducting an experiment and need their help. They must walk around the entire space and point to as many objects or parts of the room as they possibly can within one minute; but, as they point to something, they must call out a different name for that item.  For example, pointing to a chair or bulletin board, they might call it a fridge, or a dog, or car, or a toothbrush, or a piece of gum, or whatever;  it doesn’t matter.  You’ll have everyone immediately participating, laughing and alert. At the end, point out that there are always opportunities for everyone to think “outside the box,” or to see things from a different perspective.
2.   Have each member of your group do a quick improvisation of hearing the phone ring and then answering it (regular or cell). However, they speak using only word “yes,” and they must change their tone of expression throughout. Stop the group after a minute and have them share with a partner the information about who called them and what the other person said.
3.  Have all members help you with a single group improvisation. Tell them that they are to believe they are birds standing on a telephone wire looking around for the best worms to catch below. Then on your signal, they spot a worm and must go after it.
The next time you have to lead a group in a serious business training or information session, use one of these drama starters to get your group having fun while still being very focussed. From that point on you’ll have them listening until the end of your presentation. It will be a session that they will always remember.
Drama and actor's techniques for improvisation are easily transferable to the business world.
Add your comments below - do you have favourite start-ups to energize your audience that you want to share with us?