How to Empower Your Voice
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How to Empower Your Voice

Is the sound of your voice making a great impact at meetings, presentations, on the telephone, or during daily communication? If not, then you need to empower your voice skills. Voice empowerment is a process of asserting your opinion so it is acknowledged with respect, and in turn, it will increase your self esteem.
This process of empowerment is to improve your communication skills: vocal skills, tone, and overall professional presence. If your voice sound does not match your image, such as a man speaking in too high a pitch, or a woman sounding too squeaky, you will not be deemed professional, nor listened to. Follow these three steps as a way to command attention and gain presence.
Step 1: Check-up on your specific speech skills
Get a voice assessment from your friends and a speech coach as to what areas of your voice need rehabilitation. Even if you have been speaking this way for years,habits and your voice can be changed. A coach can show you how to align and relax your body and vocal image so you achieve optimal pitch level. You may have to undergo a series of breathing exercises and speech drills; but you must follow-through as this practice leads to a satisfactory end.
Step 2: Avoid tightness:
Tight clothing or tense muscles can lead to tight vocal folds which create a higher pitch and nervous sound. Stretch those lip, jaw, and neck muscles, and loosen up your clothing and improve your posture. Take a yoga or acting class to improve your breathing skills. A relaxed sound will help to lower your pitch level and find your real voice. Breathing with the diaphragm provides you with energy and power behind the words that you speak. This will increase your ability to draw attention and give authority to your voice and opinion.
Step 3:  Drink lots of water:
Maintaining water fluid will keep your vocal folds healthy so they can form the sounds you need. Avoid anything with caffeine that is a deterrent to hydration and will only make your sounds harsh, nervous, or hoarse. Finally, staying voice fit will aid your skill to speak with passion and energy to create interest and aura to your ideas.
Your inner voice can impact the listener simply by shaping up your outer voice. Don’t miss an opportunity of a self-improvement program investing in your vocal skills so your ideas will be heard and acted upon.
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