How to Engage Your Audience With Drama
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How to Engage Your Audience With Drama

Are you looking for activities to engage your audience? One of the major transferable skills that works for teachers, trainers, and presenters is the ability to engage participants in activities that connect with their learning. Drama teachers have used the techniques of learning by“doing” as they apply it to their subject of dramatic arts and their theatrical productions. So, it’s interesting to note that trainers now embrace this method as a strategy to boost their own presentations.
As a drama coach, teacher, and director I have always found that my participants at all ages and all academic levels have embraced drama activities to experience a deeper level of understanding about themselves and the relationships that surround them.  These techniques are also appropriate at the business, post-secondary, and corporate level for adult learners during their training process. Improvisation, role-playing, group physical activities, and problem- solving activities are strategies that really work to reinforce your key message.
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