Steps to Boosting Your Vocal Sound
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Steps to Boosting Your Vocal Sound

How do you increase your vocal sound so everyone hears you?  If you shout or yell louder you are damaging your vocal folds which can lead to further harm and stress. Follow these four steps to enhance the level of your sound so everyone can hear you.
Step 1:Look or take aim at the point where you want your sound to be heard. With a group your sound needs to be heard just as clearly at the back of the room as the listeners who hear it at the front of the room. Your mouth should be in a direct line to that farthest point.
Step 2:  Take a deep breath so your diaphragm expands your lower ribs and back, ready to push your breath out deliberately and slowly to support more volume. This is what will distinguish your sound to be projected but not shouted. Shouting uses only the air support that is in your throat area which puts more strain on your vocal folds and causes you to cough and end up with a sore throat.
Step 3:  As you project your sound to all members of the audience, remember to pause to take in more supporting breath that you will laser out to a great distance. As you speak, focus on “why” you are giving your message or speech to your audience.  Are you telling them something that is of real significance to their life or well-being, or are you relating a story to support your points? Whatever reason, you must project your sound to be heard without losing your texture or variety of expression. If you have something to say that is quiet, it must still be designed to be heard by the farthest person while you maintain your quiet tone. 
Step 4: Practise your breathing to make it last. This will increase your ability to breathe in, to hold your air, and finally, to exhale your breath to keep you incontrol.  You will be able to manipulate how little or how much you need to use. Don’t get caught without any air and then you suddenly you gasp, or you regress to being too quiet to be heard.  
I’ve notice some of my students during final rehearsals revert to a low quiet sound because they use a microphone. A microphone will enhance your already great projection; however, it will not replace your whisper or quiet voice to be heard by everyone if you are not projecting from within yourself.  Be sure you rehearse your speech or presentation with your microphone so you speak at a confident projected level, as the microphone will only emphasize any weaknesses in vocal quality.
Voice exercise to increase your skill of vocal projection: 
Breathe in for a count of 1; hold it for a count of 2; then let the air out for a count of 3. Then gradually increase the amount of air you let out.  With practice you will discover your reserve air to project to the entire audience so all can hear you and appreciate your message. 
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