How Does Your Voice Work?
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How Does Your Voice Work?

So many public speakers and business speakers do not understand how the voice actually works. If you have the opportunity to take actor's vocal training, then you will realize how valuable this training is. The fundamentals of breathing, tone production, and enunciation are honed to perfection after much time and rehearsal.
From the actor you will learn fundamental skills in using breathing techniques to empower your message without running out of breath, or not being heard at the back of the room. A myriad of muscles to support the diaphragm and ribs are the framework that will give you a medical boost to understanding your own body and how it works.
Next, perfecting tone quality takes many hours of rehearsal time to allow the body to produce your sound, and discover which cavities of chest, pharynx, mouth, and nose will achieve a rich resonated  and dynamic tone.
Finally, from the actor's training you will become masters ot enunciation with practice of consonant and vowel sounds on every word, keeping the speech muscles in shape constantly to achieve clarity of expression and meaning.
The combination of these foundational techniques will add to any prevous training of the public speaker, toastmaster speaker, business speaker, or trainer to produce a higher level of charismatic speech that creates ovations, emotions, and movement. If you are in the speaking business why do you not upgrade your business tool: your voice?