How to Impact Your Audience
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How to Impact Your Audience

Does your presentation drag or do you have the audience on their feet applauding at the end of it? Are you creating action from your speeches to amplify your sales,authority, and repeat business? If not, then you need a system that will impact your audience to do all of the above. There are 3 key elements that will get you started that you can implement immediately.
1. Content Precision: If your content is vague or all-inclusive, audiences are challenged as to what action to take, so they leave with only thinking about it; but never taking any action to go to the next step. Your content must focus on only two to three key benefits. Each of these major points must be backed up with a compelling example to clarify the information that you are presenting.Your story must tell how your service or product changed a business so it moved forward.
2. Speech Power: Your speech must include a variety of tones: one moment friendly,another moment energetic, then calm and thoughtful, and even a must-do-now tone. Good diction enhances the clarity of your content; good projection enhances your confidence and authority. A speech coach can pinpoint what works and what needs fixing, and be a great help with getting your system set up and rehearsed.
3. Drama Performance: Your presentation is indeed a performance. You draw the audience in right from the start with your sincerity and passion for what it is you are about to tell them. You build them up with your stories showing your own emotional connection which is emphasized with role-playing moments. You use your pauses to make your climax and your endings memorable. You give your audience the live-action scene so they identify fully.
It is the combination of all three of the above key elements that will create a performance with power and the action that you dream about. The nuances of an actor, orator, and narrator are subtly mixed with strategy, energy, and emotion to bring your audiences to their feet in amazement; then they take action to buy your service. Impacting your audience with your speech is a skill and an art that is developed from a system and then rehearsed for many upcoming performances.