Are You Relaxing Only One Part of Yourself?
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Are You Relaxing Only One Part of Yourself?

Relaxation is a relationship with your body, mind, and imagination. They work together like the performers of an orchestra; so, if one is out of shape or tune, it will affect all other parts. Relaxation is the foundation to good vocal production.
Physically, your body muscles need to be stretched to lessen the tension in your vocal folds so the pitch of your voice will not rise. Diaphragmatic breathing and muscle relaxation, specifically the muscles of the throat and neck, will free the voice from tension to create a full-resonant tone.
Relaxation must be mental as well as physical, by a process of focussing your mind to a relaxed state with your mental concentration skills.  This, in turn, fosters your imagination into creating an image of a scene where you are naturally immersed enjoying the rest. Your imagination perhaps conjures visions of your lying on a sandy beach on a hot summer’s day; or lying in a hammock as you imagined yourself floating on clouds; or simply imagining at a beautiful scene that you remember as a place of respite.
Remember that relaxation is a stronger force than tension. Use a personal cue word of your unique vision in order to bring about your relaxed vision. This will help you avoid panic attacks or nervousness. Once you have laid your foundation of relaxation you have prepared your voice for a powerful impact on your listener.
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