Passion Conveys Authenticity
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Passion Conveys Authenticity

Do you have a passion for some hobby, interest, or the job you do? When you’re a listener of someone with passion, you too, get caught up in their vision and excitement; whether it’s about discovering some unique thing on how planets, stars, and moons relate, or on how to create the perfect wine cellar. One of the things that you will notice when listening to someone with passion is how their voice projects more emotion, energy, and dynamic inflection. This is because the person reveals their strong feelings as if they are present in that moment of discovery. If you are a presenter, a trainer, or other educator, it’s the inclusion of passion for your topic that will motivate the learner to go to the next step and beyond.
How many of us have fond memories in our early years of that key person who had a passion that led us in a new direction?
Voice Tip:  Reading out loud every day will help you speak more clearly. Read from a magazine, article, newspaper, or online blog and simply enjoy reading aloud; practise until it becomes comfortable. This helps with your articulation and variety of expression.