Presentations with Drama Techniques
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Presentations with Drama Techniques

Speaking skills are the bones to all business professionals who plan on moving ahead with their jobs and careers. Yet, the other key skill that will give any professional the fine distinction from everyone else is having drama skills. Improvisational drama techniques are developed through exercises to respond to situations immediately without preparation. The results of this training allow you to answer questions spontaneously, improve teamwork and presentation presence. You tap into the inner resources of your acting skills to fit the business challenge. Your confidence soars from this one skill itself by being able to improvise easily.
TRY THIS Exercise to shake up your conventional thoughts:
Walk around the room you’re in, point or touch as many objects as possible; but call out what it is not. In other words call it something else. For example, as you touch your chair you might say: This is my dog, or This is a fine can of soup, and so on. The whole point is to shake up your ingrained perception of items and stretch your imagination at the same time. This quick improv. warm-up will also get you energized to meet your audience, and not worry about what might happen during your presentation, because you will always handle it effectively. So power up your presentation by rehearsing improvisational games and situations.