Caring for Your Voice
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Caring for Your Voice

If your voice is hoarse at the end of the day, it could be from the dry air in your environment or from using your voice constantly without rest or lubrication. Drink plenty of water. Taking care of you vocal folds is important to avoid more serious effects, such as, nodules developing on your vocal folds.
Resting your voice between your speaking times is vital. This allows the vocal folds to lubricate and not dry out. Too much strain can lead to laryngitis which must be remedied by complete rest (not speaking at all).
Dry Air is not great for your voice so you may want to add a humidifier to the room you work in; presenters travelling on airplanes to their next event often carry a mini portable humidifier to use during the flight.
If you are a presenter as a regular part of your job, such as coaching kids or adults, giving tours of your plant, supervising the factory floor, speaking through drive-thru systems, a call centre telephone operator, and other vocal type jobs; then, you may be using your voice at the wrong pitch level. You may be shouting over machinery or outside noise, instead of projecting your voice properly. A speech coach can give you remedies with specific exercises to improve projection so you will not end up shouting and hurting your vocal folds.    
Today people spend all sorts of time and money on getting their hair, nails, or body fit. But are you taking the time to take care of your voice?
I hope some of these tips will help you.
And, please share with us what you do  to take care of your voice.
KeepVoice Fit,
Voice Power Tip:
An improved voice comes by doing the exercises regularly & no smoking.
Here’s a great short warm-up:
1. Stretch
2. Yawn
3. Turn your head left then right
4. Hum
5. Repeat: “A big black bug bit a big black bear” (3 times)