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Now is the best time to re-visit your goals, visions, and plans. Did you accomplish what you set out to do? Are you looking for a new job or have you lost your job and not getting those interviews?
What are your next steps for 2011? For some of us it could be to sign up for a yoga or computer class. It’s amazing how many online courses one can take today. So whether it’s your mind, body, or spirit take time to rejuvenate or learn something new.
If you want to improve your voice skills at the job interview stage please read my recent article by clicking on:
Job Tip: When you are in the job search mode be sure to change your voice mail to a more professional sound and not a cute message on your phone or something done by your children. Also, get your family on your side and teach them how to answer the telephone in case it may be that job interview or offer that you have been waiting for.