Avoid a Monotone Sound and Add Variety
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Avoid a Monotone Sound and Add Variety

When reading any text material aloud or delivering your speech, be sure to select a key word or words which you can “colour” with your voice tone or nuance. You do this by saying the word with a different inflection to cause interest or intrigue, so that it is emphasized in alluring the listener to your story or message.  Practise this tip by reading aloud a newspaper, magazine article, or a children’s storybook. 
Voice Power Quick Tip: Try to say the word "yes" 8 different ways so the tone suggests what meaning is behind it. Switch to "no" and repeat the same exercise. You will soon get the idea of how to flex your voice to add variety and special meaning.
Have you experienced changing your vocal tone during a presentation, acting, or voice over session by simply tweaking one word to make the entire thing work? Let us know.