Speech, Accents, and Cultural Interaction
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Speech, Accents, and Cultural Interaction

Travelling is interesting for interacting with many different cultures and people; or if you stay at home you have the opportunity to meet fascinating visitors to your area. Soon, you begin to share some mutual stories about fishing, camping, travelling, sites you’ve visited, or how to cook the best burger, or where the best restaurants are. Sometimes I try to guess if I can spot the correct region of where someone is from. So far this past year, I’ve guessed correctly on people from New Zealand, Ireland, Scotland, Texas, Newfoundland, Chicago, Italy, and Russia; but missed one from Wales (thought it was Scotland). English is one of the hardest languages to learn; yet there are so many cultures who you hear speak English very well. Never let someone with an accent stop you from speaking or listening to them, diversity can be a real benefit to your life.
Have you had any interesting ventures that included communications over one’s voice accent? 
Voice Power Tip:To eliminate a nasal twang from your speech tone -practice by pinching your nose slightly while saying “low” 5 times, so the sound exits your mouth in a low tone and not through your nose. Repeat this throughout the day, then do it without pinching your nose ,but through conscious focus to direct the sound out of your mouth.