7 Steps to Putting Your Best Voice Forward - TESTIMONIALS
Voice Power Training - It's not what you say, but HOW you say it!

TESTIMONIALS: some of our clients' comments

Hi Brenda, 
Just a short message to thank you for the voice power training I attended. I found it very informative and I have put to use some the skills I learned and feel there is a big difference. Overall, I feel more confident in how I communicate with others. I would recommend this training. 
[Marianne Christie, Executive Director, 
Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Wellington, ON]

The best thing I learned was about the Breathing. You are awesome Brenda. I came to learn something. Oh my Gosh- I learned a TON! AMAZING and you gave us so much to work on!
[Rita Rittenhouse  attended
Stonecroft Ministries Workshop in Guelph, ON]

My voice is soft and feels strained when I try to speak louder. I am looking forward to trying the exercises to help me.
[Teresa Bolger, Stonecroft Ministries Workshop]

I look forward to putting some of what we learned today into practice. Thank you very much.       [Joyce Shenlin, Stonecroft Ministries Workshop]

“I definitely have voice power; your 1-1 coaching has allowed me to be more confident and improved my sales.”
                  [M. Sampson, Insurance Advisor, Manulife Insurance, Waterloo]
Brenda, We want you back again next year to do another voice workshop-you are great, very dynamic!”
                     [J. Holden, Sears Drama Festival Co-ordinator, Halton Region
The best thing I learned was about the diaphragm and projection. The workshop was very informative, enjoyed the snacks too! 
[Vanessa, Customer Support Services, Solowave Design Inc,]

 The best thing I learned was how to lower my tone; how to project my voice.
 [Lisa, Customer Support Services, Solowave Design Inc.] 

“The best workshop we’ve had this semester, very practical.”
   [ P. Scott, Conestoga College, Head, Broadcast, Kitchener, ON]
" Craig, we appreciate your warm and authoritative voice"
[The Tannahill Funeral Home, Owen Sound,ON]
"People have told me that I sound so much better. Your exercises have made a difference.”                      [S. Bennette, Trainer and Personal Coach]
" Great working with you again Craig, after all these years"
[Frank Mills,Pianist & Composer]

"Craig, your Country 93- Hall of Fame Show is so informative and entertaining. Never miss a show."                       [B. King, Owen Sound, ON]
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