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Our Ultimate VIP- B.R.E.A.T.H.E. Speaking Program: 
"7- STEPS to Putting Your Best Voice Forward" 

Speakers, Trainers, Professionals & Leaders: 
Are you ready to have a "go-to" Speech Program to enhance your speaking skills so you will discover your best voice and delivery style to present with confidence, clarity, and connection to WOW your audience?

If so, then sign on for our Online Speech Program of 7-Modules for you to do at your time and convenience. 

It provides you with an easy blueprint to follow with all program materials, examples, exercises, resources, PLUS COACHING and follow-up support. 

This course has been tested on clients ranging from emerging to seasoned professionals, coaches, trainers, entrepreneurs, actors, broadcasters, and decision-makers in achieving a successful voice and delivery style that engages and attracts listeners to action.

VIP- BREATHE "7 Steps to Putting Your Best Voice Forward" 
Here's WHY each step will help you
(B.R.E.A.T.H.E. steps):
Step 1Breathing Mastery
  • for vocal support
  • for vocal projection
  • for vocal control
  • for vocal energy
  • for vocal flexibility
  • for vocal emotion
Step 2: Relaxation Mastery
  • to release tension
  • to avoid fear
  • to become confident
  • to develop resonance
Step 3Energy Mastery
  • for mind focus
  • for positive attitude
  • for immediate connection
  • for vocal projection
  • for body, voice, and mind alignment
  • for vocal tune-up
Step 4Articulation Mastery
  • to speak distinctly
  • to pronounce clearly
  • to avoid mumbling
  • to pace appropriately
  • to avoid miscommunication
Step 5Tone Mastery
  • for optimal pitch and range
  • for appropriate projection
  • for fuller resonance
  • for avoiding too much nasality, throat resonance, annoying sounds
Step 6Human Mastery
  • to speak with emotion
  • to speak with inflection and variety
  • to pause for emphasis
  • to develop internal characterization
  • to tell your best story
Step 7Engagement Mastery
  • for diction, color, and authenticity
  • for passionate connection
  • for attraction and interest
  • for audience takeaways
  • for call-to-action

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