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Voice Power Training - It's not what you say, but HOW you say it!

Our clients have to speak, present, or lead about their ideas or products in front of a live group or over online formats, such as: webinars, podcasts, radio, videos, or teleconferences....

So, as Voice Specialists in Speech, Drama, Radio, and Presentation we are here to help you take the next step so you can be at your top performance level.
Craig Smith                                                            Brenda Smith, Author
Broadcaster                                           Speech & Presentation Coach
What is your most Valuable asset?    
                            - It's Your Voice! 
Discover the tools of actors, voice-over actors, radio broadcasters, 
and professional speakers and presenters. 

Improve not only your delivery style; but also,  the sound of your voice, your breathing, tone, pitch, pace, modulation, energy, and much more!

Here's our Guide to choosing the program, course, or book that will suit your personal path to your next step:

1.  Just Out - our New Book to support You! 

Breathe... Just Steps to Breathtaking Speeches
7 Steps to Putting Your Best Voice Forward - Discover the Techniques of Voice -Over Speakers, Actors, and Professional Presenters
- Brenda C. Smith 

More information click cover or here:

If you want to work independently there are exercises in our book to help you out! 
F.A.Q. # 1 - What can I do to make people not tune me out 
when I present?
ANSWER  - Listeners will automatically tune out if your vocal sound is too quiet or annoying; if you speak too quickly or mumble; or overall, if you just lack dynamic range in your delivery style. 
 But, all of that is very fixable with focused techniques where you can learn how to speak with clarity, confidence, and connection. 
EXERCISES are in our book so you can work on them yourself!
F.A.Q. #2 - I'm too nervous, shy, self-conscious to speak in 
front of a group, at a meeting, or do any 
presentations -how can I get through this?  
ANSWER - Let us help you speak confidently and clearly through friendly coaching sessions to get you on track quickly and easily.
EXERCISES are in our book so you can work on them yourself!

Sign-up for Free Warm-up Exercises to help you tune-up for your next Speech, Job Interview, or Presentation. 

Tell us what your biggest speaking challenge is? 
We have solutions that work and can give you a free key answer to help you move forward.  

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2.  Our Voice Power Bootcamp Course: 
    If you are: nervous, too quiet, mumble or speak too quickly,  this Bootcamp will suit anyone who wants a thorough foundation for speaking and presenting to be confident, clear, and dynamic -includes coaching via Skype or in person. If you are not sure - this is a great course to start with and achieve speech success.

 Iyou have always wanted to be a voice-over speaker or a Radio announcer -  this course will show you how to find your best voice with lots of practice material and how to create a demo tape for auditions -includes coaching via Skype or in person 

If you are always being asked to speak again because the listeners cannot understand or hear you clearly due to an accent, then this course will show you how pronounce specific consonants, vowels and idioms for better clarity, plus how to deliver speeches effectively - offered with 1-1 coaching via Skype or in person for 12 weeks. This is not for Beginners ESL but for Professionals who speak advanced English.
 If you want to go beyond the usual speech training programs and infuse a drama edge to empower your presentations and speeches so you can inspire, lead, and make a difference, then this is the package for you. 
You will work one-on-one with your coach over 10 weeks using our Calming Blueprint to Boost your Speech ™ to transform your speeches into your best performances. This is for those who have a vision and a desire to step up their level of presentation and take our Ultimate Voice Power package.

We've "got your back" to finding your best voice through:
  • One-on-one Coaching Sessions
  • Online Seminars that include coaching
  • Workshops that fascinate & fine-tune your challenges
  • Speech training books
  • Voice-over Talent is also available to record & audio produce your message for radio, podcast, website, or your book 
 We are mentioned in a recent article by
Sue Shellenbarger of the Wall Street Journal:

Speak, Sound, and Present Tons Better   than you do now with our proven Voice Power Training Programs that are:
  • Education-Based
  • Results-Based
  • Engagement-Based
  • Performance-Based
  • Support-Based for Your Success!
    Our specially designed customized voice power programs have a complete system that we have created, nurtured, and refined to support your speaking challenges and strengths!   

    We have served our local clients here in Ontario and International clients across the globe via Skype


     If you are a professional who wants to improve the way you present, we're ready to make that happen. 
    Your Voice is a catalyst to a more powerful
    performance to influence your
    Status, Business, and Career.

    Advance Your Career - Enhance Your Leadership
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