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Voice Power Training - It's not what you say, but HOW you say it!
 What is your most Valuable asset?    
                            - It's Your Voice! 
Gain Voice Power Training to Communicate Your Message Successfully for:
Business, Podcasts, Videos, Webinars, Presentations, Speeches, Meetings, Conversations, Sales, and more.  So you can Increase your Status, Presence, and Bottom Line!
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Are You a Professional or Leader ready to have your Voice Sound with Authority, Respect, and Impact that Connects, Convinces, & Inspires your listeners?
We personally love performing on radio, stage, and tv/film. More than that, we appreciate the opportunity to work with you as a partner to Enhance Your Speech Delivery, Vocal Sound, and Presentations; so you will Excel at spreading your message or advancing your career.
Craig Smith                                     Brenda Smith
 Broadcaster                        Speech & Performance Coach, Author
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"Ten Steps to Unlocking Your Voice"
 a Supercharge Method to Power and Profit
Discover Your Hidden Professional Vocal Sound to attract more speaking contracts on radio, podcasts, videos, live events, and voice-overs!
How do You Sound?
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Your Voice Power impacts How Your listeners Respond!
After our training you will be in control of HOW you say your message.
You will master how to:
  • Speak Clearly even if English is not your first language
  • Speak Confidently with Projection
  • Speak Passionately with a Drama Edge
  • Speak Dynamically with Charisma
  • Speak with your Best Voice 
  • Speak without those Annoying Voice Sounds or Habits
Are you ready to Empower your Voice and Confidence, so you will no longer fear speaking, presenting, answering questions, or leading teams or staff meetings.
You can Choose how you want to train:
  • In Studio
  • On Skype
  • Online Seminars, Webinars
Speak, Sound, and Present Tons Better than you do now with our proven Voice Power Training Methods that are:
  • Education-Based
  • Results-Based
  • Engagement-Based
  • Performance-Based
  • Support-Based for Your Success!
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    Your Voice is a catalyst to a more powerful
    performance to influence your
    Status, Business, and Career.
    Discover How to Move Your Life Forward
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