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What is your most Valuable Asset? 
   - it's your Voice!

Brenda C. Smith, Author
Voice and Presentation Coach, Consultant
Founder of Voice Power Training Services

My wish is to guide you on how to inspire others passionately with your message through your best voice power with an authentic dramatic edge.

Speakers, Trainers, and Leaders 
Here are Three Key Questions For You,Your Clients, or Staff: 
When You Speak Are You:
1. Being Heard?
2. Being Understood?
3. Getting a Reaction? 

Listeners react positively if they feel you can be trusted, and you inspire them to move forward by your message. 

You accomplish this through giving your listeners a Voice-Power Advantage through discovering your most engaging authentic  voice and spicing up your delivery 
style with a drama edge.

  Check out this Article from Wall Street Journal by Sue Shellenbarger who interviewed Brenda C. Smith and is mentioned on the topic of your voice sound being judged
                                 by Sue Shellenbarger


Brenda's Media Interview
About "Breathe...Just Steps to Breathtaking Speeches?
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- 7 Steps to Putting Your Best Voice Forward:Discover the Techniques of Voice-Over Speakers, Actors, and Professional Presenters
- Brenda C. Smith

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Your Voice is both your Personal and Business Card!