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Voice Power Training - It's not what you say, but HOW you say it!

What is Your Most Valuable Asset?
- It's Your Voice!
Do You Want Your Voice and Message 
to be Really Heard?

Your Voice is both your 
 Personal & Business Card!

We work with Professionals and Leaders 
to improve the sound of your voice and your delivery style 
with a dramatic edge to Wow and Connect 
to your audience, so they will embrace 
your service or products and boost your success!

Now is your time to discover the tools of voice-over performers, radio broadcasters, actors, 
professional speakers and presenters so you will have clarity, confidence, and charisma to advance your career, business, or leadership.

Craig Smith                                                            Brenda Smith, Author
Broadcaster                                           Speech & Presentation Coach

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    Brenda's Interview
    "Breathe...Just Steps to Breathtaking Speeches"
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    ORDER- Our New Book just published in all formats (CLICK COVER)
    "Breathe...Just Steps to Breathtaking Speeches" 
     - 7-Steps to Finding Your Best Voice
     - Discover the Techniques of Voice-over Speakers, Actors, and Professional Presenters                    - Brenda C. Smith

    Testimonial: "Brenda C. Smith has written a detailed, practical book chock-full of information, exercises, and anecdotes that reflect her years as a vocal coach. What a handy resource for actors, professional speakers and anyone looking to enhance the quality of their speech." 
    Friesen Press Editor

    If you want to work independently there are exercises in our book to help you out!

    Sample FAQ's: 
    #1. How can I get my audience to listen to what I have to say? 

    ANSWER  - Listeners will automatically tune out if your vocal sound is too quiet or annoying; if you speak too quickly or mumble; or overall, if you just lack dynamic range in your delivery style. 

    #2.  How can I get over my nervousness to speak in front of people?

    ANSWER  -  There are techniques of breathing, focus, and preparation of content that will help you to control your nerves and improve your confidence.
    There are more exercises and examples in our book to show you how to apply to any of you voice challenges.

    We are mentioned in an article 
    by Sue Shellenbarger of the Wall Street Journal:

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