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Voice Power Training - It's not what you say, but HOW you say it!
 What is your most Valuable asset?    
                            - It's Your Voice! 
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Are You ready to improve your Speech and Voice Sound so you will connect better with your listeners?

Craig Smith                                                                 Brenda Smith
Broadcaster                                          Speech & Drama Coach, Author

We appreciate the opportunity to work with you as a partner to help you enhance your Speech Delivery, Vocal Sound, and Presentations so you can get your message heard with Confidence, Clarity, and Connection to your listeners.
Is your Voice being Heard? Are you in Control?
Discover the tools of actors, voice-over actors, radio broadcasters, and professional speakers and presenters. 

We can show you how to improve the sound of your voice, your breathing, tone, pitch, pace, modulation, energy, and much more!

F.A.Q. - I'm too nervous, shy, self-conscious to speak in front of a group, at a meeting, or do any presentations -how can I get through this?  

ANSWER - Let us help you speak confidently and clearly through friendly coaching sessions to get you on track quickly and easily.

We've "got your back" to finding your best voice through:
  • One-on-one Coaching Sessions
  • Online Seminars that include coaching
  • Workshops that fascinate & fine-tune your challenges
  • Speech training E-books: order from this website
  • Voice-over Talent available to record & audio produce your message for radio, podcast, website, or your audio book

 Is your Career or Business at a standstill because of poor 
Oral Communication Skills? 
Enhance your Speech to Advance your Career 
or Business promotion today and Invest in yourself with our proven coaching of training skills for your success.
Brenda's Interview
Voice and the Workplace
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How do You Sound?
       Are You Being Heard?  

"Quick Tips of Warm-up Exercises  for your Voice Power 

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Speak, Sound, and Present Tons Better   than you do now with our proven Voice Power Training Programs that are:
  • Education-Based
  • Results-Based
  • Engagement-Based
  • Performance-Based
  • Support-Based forYour Success!
    We serve our local clients here in Ontario and International clients across the globe via Skype. If you are a professional who wants to improve the way you sound or present, we're ready to make that happen.
    Our specially designed customized voice power programs have a complete system that we have created, nurtured, and refined to support 
    your speaking challenges and strengths! 
    Your Voice is a catalyst to a more powerful
    performance to influence your
    Status, Business, and Career.

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